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Avalon, a RICS certified company, was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals specializing in different areas who decided to put their know how and passion together and to operate in the real estate sector.

Avalon Real Estate, specialized in real estate valuation and advisory services, over the years has acquired ever-increasing recognition in the sector and loyalty from its customers, proving its ability in providing customized solutions for all needs that can arise at the acquisition, management and disposal stages of dealing with property assets.
Avalon Technical Services is specialized in real estate technical issues to support its clients in dealin with investigations, design, construction and disposals of their properties.

The company ethos is to establish a synergy between distinct expertises in order to guarantee prompt and reliable results to clients and is based on continuous training and improvement.
Today Avalon operates as one single advisor and guaranees complete strategic support to its clients acting as the common thread of their real estate business.