Avalon Real Estate was founded in 2002 by a small group of specialists from diverse sectors who decided to merge their know-how and their passion to serve the real estate world.
The company ethos aims to establish a synergy between these different specializations in order to unleash their maximum potential, creating a precision instrument that guarantees the customer first class services that are always abreast of the latest real estate services, to ensure reliable and timely results.
Over the years, Avalon has grown, acquiring an ever-increasing degree of recognition and loyalty and establishing itself as a professional consultant able to create tailor-made solutions for every possible need arising during the stages of acquisition, management and disposal of real estate assets.

As a culmination of its growth, in 2017, Avalon Technical Services was born; a company which encompasses and focuses on skills of a technical nature, supporting the customer during the stages of investigation, planning, construction and disposal of their real estate assets.