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Avalon, a RICS certified company, provides real estate valuation services according to the main national and international standards.
Avalon works with SGRs, private and public investors, both real estate and non real estate companies, banks and Public Administrations.

  • Valuation as Indipendent Appraisers
  • Valuations of real estate portfolios and single assets of all uses and categories
  • Valuations for financing / Impairment Tests, ABI compliant appraisals, RICS standards application verification, IAS/IFRS international accounting principles application verification
  • Valuation of NPL assets for banks and investors


Avalon provides advisory services aiming to support clients doing investment, disposal and repositioning.
These services include real estate market analyses, identification of potential strategic stakeholders for clients and identification of strategies for real estate enhancement through feasibility studies and financial sustainability verification.
Avalon acts as strategic consultant for debt restructuring operations and for the preparation of real estate and non real estate industrial plans.
Avalon also supports investors and bank for acquisition and disposal operations of NPLs and Distressed Assets.

  • Feasibility studies, real estate enhancement strategies and highest and best use analyses
  • Market Analyses
  • Investment analyses: strategic consultancy and sensitivity analyses aimed at verifying the sustainability of property development
  • Strategic Planning for non performing loans and Unlikely to pay (NPL/UTP) portfolios and renovation deals
  • Advisory for performing real estate portfolios
  • Assessment of the property’s features and ownership title against the “Fiscal Bonuses” legal framework

Technical services

Avalon provides prompt and customized technical solutions, supporting its clients for new construction, enhancement and refurbishment operations of real estate assets and identifying the most effective and accurate solutions.
Avalon also provides administrative regularization services for real estate assets and real estate assets technical analyses during acquisition, management and disposal stages.

  • Technical and Documentary Due Diligence building regularizations for real estate non performing loans and Unlikely to pay portfolios
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Project Monitoring
  • Tendering & Contracting services
  • Building and Zoning Feasibility studies
  • Cost Analysis
  • Integrated Design
  • Implementation and coordination of the activities required (before and after the construction contract) to grant access to the “Fiscal Bonuses”, through the application of Avalon’s proprietary business solution
  • Technical analyses , support and coordination for the obtainment of the LEED , BREAAM and GRESB Certifications
  • Tax Due Diligence