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Avalon, a RICS-certified company, carries out valuations in accordance with principal national and international appraisal and valuation standards.
The valuation department operates on behalf of asset management companies, real estate and non-real estate companies, credit institutions, public administration organizations, public and private investors. It performs valuations on portions of real estate assets, detached properties, entire real estate portfolios, greenfield / brownfield projects that are newly constructed or replaced on the real estate market.
In 2017 Avalon carried out valuations on over 1,500 properties, for a total value of €10 billion.

  • Valuations as independent experts for approximately 50 real estate funds managed by the main asset management companies operating on the Italian market
  • Valuations of real estate portfolios or individual assets
  • Determination of values for the purpose of acquisition / disposal / development of assets and for insurance purposes
  • Valuations in compliance with specific criteria for financing / impairment tests: appraisals according to ABI guidelines, application of RICS standards, application of IAS / IFRS international accounting principles
  • Valuations of property used as collateral for non-performing loans (NPL) on behalf of a credit institution (prior to being seized / after being repossessed) or on behalf of parties interested in their acquisition
  • Valuations of special category properties (telephone exchanges, renewable energy plants, healthcare / hospital sector, public sector, ports and airports, stadiums) or properties for ordinary intended use

Strategy and investment

Avalon offers strategic consulting services aimed at supporting customers during the processes of investment, disinvestment and replacement of their real estate assets on the market. To this end, it carries out in-depth analyses of the real estate market, identification of potential strategic stakeholders for its clients, identification of alternative development strategies through analysis of urban-administrative feasibility and verification of their financial sustainability.
Avalon is a strategic advisor for sectors linked to debt restructuring operations and the preparation of industrial plans (real estate and non-real estate). Similarly, it supports institutional investors and pools of bank in the acquisition and disposal of NPL and Distressed Assets.

  • Feasibility studies, strategies for the development of real estate assets and highest and best use analyses
  • Market analyses
  • Investment analysis: strategic consultancy and sensitivity analysis aimed at verifying the sustainability of real estate transactions, including the examination of Key Data
  • Strategic planning for Non-Performing Loans (NPL) portfolios and restructuring operations
  • Advisory for performing real estate portfolios
  • Sustainability assessment of rentals and sensitivity analyses aimed at supporting negotiation with potential tenants or renegotiation with current tenants